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Ode to my Furry Friend
by Bec D'Cruz

You came to us one happy day
Some would say you were a stray
But I think that you were sent
By some higher power, bent
To warm our carpet and brighten our day

Small in size, you seemed ten feet tall
Every time you jumped to catch a ball.
Not one could match your speed of flight
During baseball you brought delight
And fared much better than us all.

Every day as I walked out the gate
More often than not, late.
Your tail would wag as if to say
"Have a wonderful, wonderful day".

Through ups and downs you were near
A sloppy kiss, a ready ear.
You listened well, you made a fond sound
Things never seem so bad when you were around.

We worried so the day they said,
The dreaded virus may strike you dead.
But you came back to us brand new
And henceforth was known as Patches Too

In recent years we're gone our own way
To seek new pastures for our play.
Many a time during a chore
I'd think "It would be nice to see Patches once more".
And now I live to regret my delay.

For you my friend, I shed not a tear
In spirit you'll always be near.
I know that this is not the end
You've gone on to find another Friend.
And another life will be made richer.

Bon voyage, Furry Friend dear
Look for me when my time is near.
For in the Great Kennel I intend to be
Where all my furry friends I will again see.

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